Financial and Accounting Software

Small and big businesses have to deal with a large amount of financial information, cash assets and manage financial transactions on a daily basis, regardless of the sector they operate in. In order to accelerate this process and reduce the costs companies take advantage of accounting and financial software, which allows them to manage their financial assets in a more efficient way.
INTOUCH provides finance and custom accounting software solutions for most major industries including wholesale distribution, manufacturing, and many others. Our custom software packages are full featured with fully integrated applications that provide real-time business process integration.
  • Audit trail report
  • Dual currency operation
  • All standard Financial Reports like P&L, Balance Sheet etc.
  • Export facility to EXCEL through ASCII format file.
  • On-line Debtors Outstanding
  • Staff Ledger
  • Credit Card details
  • Front desk management
  • Point of sales
  • On-line Creditors Outstanding
  • Generation of Tax sheets