SAP Solutions

In the enterprise application world, knowledge is power. When it comes to attaining the expertise you need to maximize your SAP investment, that knowledge is hard to find. That’s why you need the expertise of ERP Integrated Solutions to get the most out of your SAP applications. We offer the flexibility to select SAP services that best meet your needs.
SAP Business Suite can provide organizations the ability to implement sound business processes and controls, increase efficiencies, reduce costs and remain competitive. To achieve these benefits the business must determine if SAP or new functionality within SAP will support the needs of the business. Along with this business users must embrace and understand how to get the most from SAP or the new functionality. To achieve these results, organizations need to partner with an SAP services provider that can provide the strong expertise and technical ability required in order to achieve the organizational goals. That partner is ERP Integrated Solutions! We provide the consultants who possess the skills, experience, and knowledge to help your organization derive the maximum value from your SAP investment.
Proven benefits include:

  • Improved delivery of SAP support services
  • Faster Implementation and upgrade support
  • Clear, complete visibility and documentation of business and IT processes
  • Greater accountability for change management
  • Timely and Reliable Industry Solutions
  • Manage Business-Critical Applications.
  • Maximize Business Benefits.
  • The New Standard for Data Integrity and Timeliness
Proven benefits include:
  • Accounting and financials - Integrate all operative transactions throughout the company creating accurate and complete financial statements period.
  • Reporting and analytics - Plan, measure and control organizational processes.
  • Human capital management - Streamline payroll processes and manage staffing change.
  • Sales and service - Meet customer demands, support the entire order–to–cash process and provide after-sales support.
  • Product development and manufacturing - Improve the product life-cycle process and manufacturing operations.